Mandy and Mike


January 17, 2009

Also please credit my photographer Edward Ross Photography if you use any of my engagement photos, thanks!

Our Engagement

Mike took me out for dinner and then we went and overlooked the city while eating chocolate covered strawberries and drinking champagne.  We talked and ate while people walked by with their dogs.  He then asked and I said yes!

Right after I said yes, my eyes are squinty because I had some tears. 

This is our view of downtown!  So pretty!

  Those are the flowers I came home to, our left over strawberries and the ring..

Engagement Photos

Miscellaneous Ideas for the Wedding

I really wanted a rustic winter feel.  But, I also wanted to bring in some classic and/or vintage elements.  Here are some photos I collected along the way.  My ideas of course we're transformed into something different.  But, I thought I'd post the photos anyway :)


We attempted some of these Martha Pom Poms.  They turned out horribly.  I think that the tissue paper wasn't "flimsy" enough.  We are still on the hunt for the right tissue paper.  If we can't find it, I won't be heartbroken.

Ceremony Location


This is the house in it's earlier years.  It was built in the 1800s.  It hasn't really changed much.  I love it so much!!

The Centerpiece Ideas


This is our actual centerpiece, I love the way they turned out!  They look much better in person and with the lights dimmed. 

My mom's best friend who is my "mom" now wanted to do and pay the centerpieces as a gift to me.  She is also making the table runners.  I'd say for everything (apples, vases, votives, candles, branches) it will be about $400 for 13.  Which is WAY cheaper than if we would have done flowers.

Cake Ideas

This has been by far the hardest decision I have had to make.  Mike feels the same way.  We're so indecisive!  If you wish to make suggestions, please do :)

Save the Date Magnet and Invitation

I made a little card thing with accomodation information that I just taped the magnet to.  I forgot to take a picture of it all assembled though. 

Our invitations.  My friend who is an artist made them.  There are three cards hanging off the invitation... one has the reception info, one has the RSVP info and the other has Gandhi's famous quote "To live is to love."
The photo is blurry, but I don't mind, because I don't want people to be able to read our names - haha!

Envelopes with wrap around labels.  We got soooo many compliments on these!  I love love love the black envelope.

Bridesmaid's Dresses

This is the dress in the exact colour, it's made by dessy.  I do not remember the style number though.  I let my sister who is my made of honour choose the dresses.  All the girls love them!  So I am glad for that.  They could be yanking my chain though!


I thought it'd be appropriate to use roses since red is our main colour, they're classic (and cliche to some), and I LOVE them when paired with stephanotis.  This is the bouquet I am going with, below are some more flowers I really like(d).